Air Max Day

Air Max Day

Monday marked the 31st anniversary of the Nike Air Max, better known to sneakerheads as Air Max Day. Instead of going through the history and evolution of one of Nike’s trademark features, I will reflect on what the Air Max means to me.

Growing up in East London, crepes signified status – you either had it or you didn’t. I was lucky enough to convince my parents to get me a pair of Air Max during my teens but the real love feast started when I started to work at University. Regular trips to JD Sports, Foot Locker and Nike Town saw my collection grow and grow, to a stage where I felt ‘no way’ wearing my Air Max out and about to the local shops and gym.

Over the past few years, we have seen the evolution of the Air Max with current Vapormax technology changing the sneaker world for the better it seems. As I wrap up this blog, I thought I would attach a photo of my current Air Max Zoom – it’s very soft and you actually feel like you have air under your feet!

From the air propelling you beneath your feet to the air in your lungs. #AirMovesYou

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