Apple Just Got a whole lot bigger

Apple Just Got a whole lot bigger

Apple has confirmed plans to release the biggest model of its iPhone to date, as well as a widely requested less expensive model. All set for release later this year

Apple will release 3 smartphone models this year, following customer feedback, calling for devices with greater multitasking capabilities and exploring the growing demand for the popular ‘phablets’, which Samsung have already taken a stronghold upon.

The 3 models will all have a screen of 6.5 inches, Apples largest ever. The models which include an upgraded handset similar to the iPhone X, will all feature the same edge-to-edge screen feature as the iPhone X released late 2017 and will include Face ID software rather than the fingerprint mechanism found in most Apple models.

An added bonus feature under consideration is the inclusion of a dual-sim card in the larger model, allowing for easy use-ability in foreign regions.  The inclusion of a less expensive model, a common ploy with Apple phone releases now and will see an upgrade to the new edge-to-edge screen, coupled with aluminium edges and a glass back. Prices have been kept down further with the inclusion of LCD Technology.

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