Arsenal FanTV x Channel 4

Arsenal FanTV x Channel 4

Yesterday widely circulated rumours were confirmed, that Arsenal FanTv, will be making the move from online Youtube viewing to National TV as part of a new show for Channel 4. Deep sigh Arsenal Fans.

The inclusion of Arsenal FanTv, founded and hosted by Robbie Lyle, will see him again play host to Channel 4’s new ‘The Real Football Fan Show’. Which will be a “no-holds-barred debate” of the latest Premier League news. The move by Channel 4 is tapping into the growing market of ‘Football Fan channels’ and will also include similar channels to Arsenal FanTv such as 100%Chelsea and United Stand.

Channel 4 said of ‘The Real Football Fan Show’, “The football fan revolution hits television, as supporters get the chance to air their views on the latest twists and turns in the Premier League, Made for fans, by fans and hosted by Robbie Lyle, this is a no holds barred debate on all the latest news and controversy from the beautiful game. It’s going to be emotional.”

The half-hour show is scheduled for four episodes, premiering at 00:05 on Friday, April 20. The final episode will air three days before the final Premier League weekend of the season. Look out for the likes of DT and Troopz, on your TV screens soon.

Get a feel of what to expect and hear on The Real Football Fan Show, with a watch of Arsenal FanTV’s most viewed video below, following a crumbling 4 nil defeat to follow premier league side, Liverpool this season.

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