Bobby Feeno

Bobby Feeno

A growing trend is quickly gathering followers in the masses, as we continue to see blurred lines between the typically titled athlete or former athlete and what they are expected to do (play/do their chosen sport right?) Well many are seeking to tap into who they are and showcase this, with a now almost commonplace transition into the field of music. Some should stick to what we’ve become to associate them with, while others seem to have done the trick. Twice! Introducing Bobby Feeno aka Arian Foster, former NFL All-pro running back.

Sitting on two finally polished EP’s Flamingo & Koval ( named after the Las Vegas intersecting were Tupac Shakur was gunned down in 1996) and the recently released ‘A Late February’ featuring highly acclaimed artist such as Xavier Omar.

Growing in Albuquerque N.M (a certain crystal meth making caravan comes to mind, and yes it is a real place), Freeno’s work thus far features luscious production, a by product of he’s ear to music fine tuned by what one would describe as a parents love of the art which soon became his. Far from rhyming every other word to what he’s lifestyle as a high profile athlete presented, expect lyrical content ranging from social commentary and stories from he’s childhood.

Now endeavouring on a second career path, and keen to shake the stigma of an ‘athlete turned rapper’, to give listeners a perspective on how the 13-track Flamingo & Koval came together last year, Foster teamed up with TIDAL and LeBron James media company Uninterrupted for the 8 part docu-series ‘Becoming Bobby Feeno’.

“When people see it, hopefully they gain a little more insight into how this isn’t an athlete trying to rap. This is somebody trying to return to themselves.”

Take a listen below.

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