“We live in a six-second era where people are looking for a moment, then they’re onto the next moment,”

The UK has been longing for a Nocturnal R&B soulists to figurehead the melodic yawns of London’s streets after hours, and in Ebenezer we see a very suitable candidate.

Having worked already with Craig David, Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih, the 25-year old North Londoner has been dubbed the ‘Truth’ by Music heads and fellow artist.

“I feel that a lot of music in my genre lacks sincerity, and I hope I can bring that back”

Claiming to be no Saint, Ebenezer’s music compels you to reason with him on a level which seeks to distance itself, from the very braggadocios and materialistic flaunting which circumvents throughout today’s mainstream sound. His new EP ‘Bad Romantic’, opens up about the truths and lies which exist in every relationship, this hardened honesty allows for a relatable touch throughout the EP.

Ebenezer is well travelled with frequent stints in sunny California and this reverberates throughout ‘Bad Romantic’, with songs ‘Till I die’ and ‘Nostalgia’ similar to the eloquence and purity exemplified by an early Frank Ocean.

The boy from Tottenham is one to watch….

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