Inside Boiler Rooms Low Heat S1 Drink Up

Inside Boiler Rooms Low Heat S1 Drink Up

Boiler Rooms Low Heat S1 Drink Up

About Boiler Room

Music Multi-media platform Boiler Room continues to fly the flag high for the underground culture of the alternate perspective. Seeking to bridge the gap between location and musical worlds, Boiler Room has created a massive online community as they continue to document and showcase to the masses, moments in music history and stories untold.

Low Heat S1 Drink Up

At the turn of the year, Boiler room introduced their fortnightly Low Heat sessions, which opened up their doors in the heart of London to the growing community of music that they represent. The sessions looked to resonate with the output which comes from Boiler Rooms four channels, representing the musical worlds of grime & UK garage, house & techno, rap & trap and live bands and Dj’s from around the world.

With the success of the January series, Boiler announced another series of Low Heat sessions will be taking place in April. To commemorate the success of the January sessions and the upcoming April series, Boiler Room celebrated in a way they know best.

A night consisting of great music and live DJ sets, coupled with free drinks, merchandise giveaways and food courtesy of Caribbean Cook-up, marked a drippy, hypebeast fuelled evening full of smiles and good vibes. Take a look at our OYH moments captured below.

Images courtesy of  OYH

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