Jesse James Solomon

Jesse James Solomon

South London continues to deliver and produce artists true to individuality and purveyors of the sounds galvanising the UK music scene to new heights. ‘Wooly’, or as the majority of the population refer to it as the borough of Woolwich, has another of these paragons among its mist (what comprises within this mist I’ll leave to your imagination), introducing Jesse James Solomon.

The South East London rapper who recently featured on Suspect OTB’s new track ‘One Way’ alongside Skepta, is a name you should get familiar with. His psychedelic and introspective flow, makes his lyrics sit deep within your conscious, coupled with his echoey, spoken word delivery.

he see’s himself as; “A young lad from South East London, who’s just trying to paint pictures, you know what I’m saying? Paint pictures of my environment.”

Steering away from the typical image associated with artists from South London, the former aspiring footballer, produces a sound which reflects the Jazz and soul which immersed him growing up. As with most of us stepping outside of the walls of our home and into the World, his music further  demonstrates this, being free of typical rap conceit, however, that South London vim, nonchalance and boldness is still clear to see

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