Panini’s World Cup Sticker Album will cost more than a pretty penny to complete

Panini’s World Cup Sticker Album will cost more than a pretty penny to complete

£773 pounds, a price commonly associated with a purchase of high value, such as a brand new iPhone or a trip to Cancun or even better yet…..completing your Panini’s 2018 World Cup sticker album.

The coveted sticker album collectable has been synonymous with major International Tournament Football, dating back from 1986, with most of the population at some point ripping and eagerly awaiting, hoping to find the missing players to complete their albums.

Youngsters part-taking in collecting for the 2018 World Cup edition, better request a sharp rise in their weekly pocket money. According to Professor Paul Harper of the School of Mathematics, at Cardiff University, it will costs an average of £773 to collect all 682 stickers in Panini’s World Cup album this year…..without swapping.

This plays in steep contrast to previous Tournaments as the aforementioned year of 1986, would see you spend £67.80 to collect all players. However times have clearly moved on and so have Panini, with the inclusion of special stickers for managers, stadiums and World Cup Legends.

The World Cup those also propose a more lucrative sporting year, with a pack of 5 stickers costing 50p at Euro 2016 and now stands at 80p today. It’s clearly a numbers game as Prof Harper calculations leave him to state that “it would take 4,832 stickers or 967 packets to complete the album”. That’s a whole lot of ripping it’s fair to say.

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