Puma Blue

Puma Blue

The OYH Artist of the week’ series sets to identify and shed light on the emerging voices of the many talented and multifaceted creatives that overflow from the multi-cultural pot of the UK. Not limited to the UK, as Art is a universal language spoken and visualised, but we start from our shores to make sure what we stand for is represented and known – I guess it’s just the OYH Perspective.

To kick off our ‘Artist of the Week’ we shun our spotlight onto the depths of South-east London. Commonly referred to as the ‘concrete Jungle’, London plays home to a multitude and variety of musical sapphires, and from this, we introduce Puma Blue the moniker of Jacob Allen.

Having spent 2 years at the famed ‘Brit School’, Puma Blue exemplifies everything which marks London as a fashion capital and a great definer in a world of so many art forms. The songwriter, former drummer and now, a singer is truly in a melancholic World of his own.

Citing key influencers such as D’Angelo and Billie Holiday, his sounds bring about a woozy, sensual form of RNB which takes a very much indie like demeanour with the gusto and vibrancy of Jazz. This lo-fi, shoegazing sound will have you feeling the words in each song as if you were there when pen took to paper. Take a listen to his latest body of work, SWUM BABY.

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