Serious Klein

Serious Klein

Serious Klein, the German-Ghanaian, English rapping artists, leading the ‘German Powerhouse’ music troupe sweeping through Europe.

At the forefront of this new hip-hop renaissance emerging from Germany, the rapper from West Germany’s rough industrial Ruhr Valley, refers to his style as “art rap”, lyrics which are based upon conversation and observation, evoking emotions which make you cry, laugh and reminisce.

It takes a while for the listener to realise is happening sometimes, it’s conscious but very two faced at the same time. I guess that’s the arty point.” Serious Klein

With his debut album set for release this year and his very first tour ‘SQUARDY’, it’s set to be a groundbreaking year for the 555 member (555 stands for 3five, which is based on the Bible verse John 15:13. It stands for brotherhood, loyalty and, most of all, family). Currently, in good company, he has fans such as Grammy award singer Alicia Keys, who invited Klien to open up and perform with her during her set in Germany last year.

His style and sounds, infused with Jazz, Soul, Gospel and his distinctive jocular style his complimented with great sound engineering and beat production from fellow German native, prodigy and Grammy award winner Rascal, whom you may spot in tracks such as Chance The Rapper’s Juke Jam featuring Justin Bieber.

He also stands as quite a fashion influencers and trendsetter and was recently brought in by Nike to shutdown Nike’s latest video for the release of this season’s Tech Pack, filmed across the artist’s homeland, deep within Germany’s gritty industrial Ruhr Valley.

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