The British Rap scene has seen an unparalleled resurgence in the last two years, more so than any other year to date. This meteoric rise, typically associated in the past with the highly influential city of ‘London‘, has galvanised and propelled all corners of the country, to be accounted for and demonstrate the creativity and talent existent across the land. This week sees us travel to Northampton, home of Slowthai.


Image Courtesy of Trench

The 22-year-old MC has a very unorthodox style, in his delivery and syncopation with music, which finds itself finely balanced between hip-hop, garage, dubstep and grime. Such an array of musical concoctions sees the rather Punk energy and raw rebelliousness which is etched on his music and body. The heavily tattooed MC came up in Northampton at a time where there was a heavy rave renaissance, fuelled by garage and grime.

His library of work, although not extensive, does possess a great deal of identity and very telling truth. Speaking to The Basement earlier this year, Slowthai said of his style: “I was always inspired by the people I was around, like the older people spitting in my area or in Northampton, but I just always wanted to be better than the people that were around me. As long as I’m the best here, it doesn’t matter—I’m the best. My music just stands for being true to who you are.

His only project to-date, ‘I WISH I KNEW’, released as an EP in 2017, gave us a real feel for the braggadocio, but very nurtured gritty energy, Ty’s music emits. Having also performed at Boy Better Know’s takeover at London’s O2 Arena last year, his appeal is growing among the masses. Check out his latest release below, ‘North Nights‘.

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