So What’s the Verdict on VAR then?

So What’s the Verdict on VAR then?

As we approach the FA Cup quarter-finals this weekend, we once again have the pleasure of enduring VAR!

Video Assistant referee to give it its full name has been the talk of the town (and football world) the past few months but what exactly is it and why so many complaints?

VAR is basically a new intervention helping match officials get decisions right, however, the main complaints have been the amount of time these stoppages have taken officials to resolve decisions.

The finer details of how VAR will work in football still need to be ironed out with the Premier League and UEFA Champions League declining the option to roll it out next season. Considering sports like tennis, cricket, rugby league and American football operate a similar review system without much complaint, it’s time the beautiful game got their thinking hats on, as many in the game such as Juan Mata are not impressed.

Your face when you meet Mr. VAR for the first time in your career 😂😏

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