The New Wave of the 4th Kit

The New Wave of the 4th Kit

As the new 2019/20 football season beckons upon us, we’ve all been enthralled with a plethora of wavy new kit drops as football teams now become high-strung on making sure how they look,being as important as how they play. Once again sponsorship deals between clubs have seen gargantuan fees exchanged for that all coveted spot on a teams jersey and now the ever growing uptake of a sleeve sponsor as well.

With this, teams are really stepping up how they deliver such partnerships, with various experiential marketing activations that take the fan, general football lover, and now hypebeast, to a new level of renaissance with a teams apparel wear.


The pertinence of this has now taken to what has conventionally been termed as the warm-up shirt. Typically deployed in the 30 mins before a game is set to begin,as players are put through their final paces, the warm-sup shirt is now being exploited by brands and teams, to hone in on the ever growing fashion/lifestyle swing which has seen creativity placed with very little design constraints. As we now arguably see the warm- up top now being referred not only as a 4th kit in addition to the home, away and third kit, but in some cases desired more and in some cases a preferred choice due the fact they are considerably cheaper than teams replica tops.

Now positioned and rolled out in full marketing launches alongside the teams kits for the season, the ambidexterity of the warm-top as a added collection to the life long supporter, the generation z influencers and the fashion item lovers, it’s clear that alongside the ketchup, mayonnaise and bbq, a new 4th sauce has been added to the table.

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