Top 5 Businesses To Start in 2018

Top 5 Businesses To Start in 2018

It’s a New Age, It’s a New Dawn

We are at a time in man’s history that is like no other. We are at a time that brings all a level playing field. We are in the information age and it is just in its infancy. Never has there been a time in which it was easier to create real and lasting wealth – Clint Maher

Welcome everyone, firstly I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope at the end it would have inspired you whilst also being insightful. I’ve written down what I believe to be the best businesses to start in 2018 with very little capital or risk but with great rewards.

5. Social media marketing

I bet you’re not surprised to see this in the top 5, social media has been growing rapidly over the years with the emergence of platforms such as InstagramSnapchatPeriscope and many more. Social media has evolved to the point where people are starting businesses simply teaching others how to gain followers and grow their audience.

A few years ago, I was against the idea of displaying my life on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. However, with the evolution of the digital era you need to get with the times, along with the growth of social media there have been people who have emerged as social media guru’s such as Tia Lopez who went viral with the “Here in my garage” video – you might not recognise the name but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen an advert of a guy in his garage with a Lamborghini and hundreds of books right?

He teaches a course on how to make an income from £1k – £10k helping small to medium business advertise their business on social media. Throughout 2017 I saw the emergence of many businesses specialising in social media advertisement and it has relatively low start-up costs, all you need to begin is a laptop/tablet and a phone which just about everybody has.

4. Online Shop/Dropshipping

Online shops are becoming ever more popular but you probably knew that already. This is another way that the internets changed the traditional way of shopping, with platforms such as WordPress anyone can create a professional website with little difficulty and begin to sell pretty much anything.

Drop shipping has also become very popular over the last year with many people creating online shops using Shopify. For those who don’t know, Dropshipping is a virtual store with no inventory/stock when the item sold is received by a third party who ships the inventory directly. A lot of people simply prefer drop shipping as it has virtually no costs, the only thing you need to pay for is the website, great way to get started with minimal cost.

Things to consider :

  1. Considerable research needed to find a good product and third party to supply the product
  2. Small margins
  3. Potential stock issues
  4. Delays in shipping

3. Blogging

Blogging is probably the easiest to get started but one of the hardest to maintain however if done well, the potential returns on your investment can be phenomenal. If you love writing this could be the path for you, once you find something you’re passionate about the content will flow seamlessly. Most of the revenue from blogs do come from advertisement and sponsors however you would need a large audience before you’ll really start making money.

All you would need to start is a website, you can get a free blog from WordPress to get you started, once things pick up you may decide to upgrade your website a bit or even keep it the same, as they say ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’.

2. Makeup, Hair & Beauty

With the rise of YouTube and social media its never been easier to get in front of an audience and sell a product. Makeup and beauty have skyrocketed over the last few years with a new star born every weekend, with such high demand its relatively simple to get started, however, you would need to find the right supplier and good products which is the tricky part.


In my opinion, the best businesses out there are well acquainted with YouTube, simply because anyone can start with little to nothing. You can do anything you want from gaming videosmakeuptutorialsvinescomedyshort clips, whatever you want. Although for the majority of people it does start off slow, the more videos you do the more your viewers will grow. Being consistent is the key, some people do manage to gain a massive following in a year, some two and some take 5 years.

YouTube has created countless millionaires like:

  1. KSI
  2. Pewdiepie
  3. Zoella
  4. Jamal Edwards and many more

To get started on YouTube all you are the basics:

  1. A computer
  2. A decent camera (many people use smartphones)
  3. Any free editing software

Those are the basic things needed to get started, over time as your channel grows you can update equipment to produce better videos.

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